About Us


To provide global humanitarian aid to children and their mothers by improving living situations through assisting in the provision of food, clothing, public health education, and living conditions, with a goal of contributing to sustainable community development and protecting our environmental health.

Educating our future generation on the importance of Global values, protecting our environment and our planets natural system and resources.

Board Members

Saye Yabandeh

Founder & Executive Director

We are all interconnected; that I believe to the core. This interconnectedness between us leaves daily opportunities for every person to serve as a humanitarian. This is what inspired me to start Saye.org.

Motivated by my own childhood experiences of the Iran/Iraq War and the Kuwait Invasion, the focus of this organization is giving something back to the children of the world. Positively impacting a child is to mold the future of the world in beautiful ways.

The success of my acting career is nil without pairing it with my passion for helping the next generation — from the refugees around the world to the underserved in our own neighborhoods. Through my humanitarian work, I have gained dozens of children. I am filled with both pride and love when I receive a message of success from one of my children. This is what keeps pushing me forward.

Thank you for your support of Saye.org as we change the world one child at a time.

Todd Becraft

General Counsel

Graduated NY Law School in 1983. Former Assistant County Atty in Orange County N.Y. for the Dept of Social Services prosecuting child abuse and neglect matters. Currently an immigration defense attorney in Los Angeles assisting family and child refuges from Central America.

MFA in Visual Art - conceptual art pieces about Los Angeles history and immigration.

Bobak Cyrus Bakhtiari

Creative Director

Bakhtiari is an actor and entrepreneur, with a history of work in mental health rehab and with court dependent kids. He's the founder of the 501(c)3 FuelForChange.org, and truly believes that serving and promoting humanitarian goals brings much joy.

He's been a Court Appointed Special Advocate since 2003, defending the interests of foster youth, and holding educational rights for children. Bakhtiari is also the creator and developer of VRWash.com. He fervently endorses spontaneous dancing and works to expand his movement vocabulary regularly.

M Daniela Torchia

Public Health Clinical Nutritionist

Dr. Mariana Daniela Torchia has an international European/American background. She received her PhD in Public Health, focusing in Community Health, and has been working as Program Director and Clinical Dietitian for a non-profit low-income clinic in Southern California. Previously, her Master focused on Public Health from Loma Linda University School of Public Health in Clinical Nutrition (Registered Dietitian) and in Health Promotion and Education, as well as in Exercise Physiology.

Dr. Torchia is passionate about helping underprivileged communities through public health program development, implementation and evaluation related to health and community education. She has developed bi-lingual (Spanish and English) wellness programs for over 20 years, and has directed public health and nutrition education programs for Loma Linda University, nutrition consulting firms, non-profit clinics, such as Valley Community Healthcare in Southern California, and social media outlets.

She looks forward to contributing to Saye.org.